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When i first started to make soap everyone said the best soaps were made with Lard and i still think they are but i soon realised that soaps made with Palm Oil were just as good quality.

And to be honest we also realised that the growth of veganism and people looking for vegan products was a serious business consideration.

Off course this led to me to the arguments against palm oil and so i did my research. We are careful to source our palm oils from companies who trade with accredited RSPO certified suppliers. It costs more but we think its worth it.

The issue around sustainability is a complex and enthusiastically debated one. One we have taken part in and listened carefully to the arguments on both sides. Our decision to use Palm Oil (RSPO) is one weve taken for several reasons.

If there was a blanket boycott on Palm Oil you would need to replace that with something else – lets say vegetable oil. Deforestation would still take place and because palm oil produces so much per hectare its possible that even more deforestation might take place to fill the void. Other economic issues are also involved concerning the employment of the indigenous people who live in the palm oil producing areas and countries ~ they’d be unemployed overnight.

Good things always come from healthy, enthusiastic debate and were all for it.

We’ve got some very good links below for you to read which we hope you will find informative so that you can come to your own decision. Thankyou. Boo

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